Working in partnership with Ms Andrée Richardson, an independent valuer, qualified diamond expert and gemologist, we provide a confidential, professional valuation and consultancy service. Ms Andrée Richardson has over thirty-six years valuation, diamond and gemological experience in the jewellery industry. Andrée is a fellow member of the National Association of Jewellers Institute of Registered Valuers and full practising member of the Academy of Experts, ensuring the highest ethical standards and providing independent, detailed valuation documents.

A professional valuation document includes:

  • A full examination of your items
  • A complete and accurate record of your precious items
  • Clearly identifies the items
  • Provides precise descriptions which include factual data, assessment and digital images
  • Gives a justifiable value conclusion

Valuations are carried out on:

  • Jewellery – including antique, foreign, modern, and high net-worth pieces
  • Asian jewellery
  • Polished diamonds and all other gemstones
  • Watches
  • Silverware and flatware
  • Mayoral regalia

Valuations are carried out for:

  • Insurance
    Wear and enjoy your valuable gems, jewellery and watches, use your silver and display your trophies, knowing you have obtained the right, detailed valuation. The valuation for insurance provides a factual identification and expert assessment of the value for your items so that you may arrange the appropriate cover for insurance.
  • Inheritance Tax Assessment (in Scotland confirmation of Will)
    The values calculated represent an assessment based on mid-auction estimates as at date of death. A separate, full, description with digital image is provided for any items which are valued at £500.00 or more. The valuation document provided will compile with Section 160 of IHTA 1984.
  • Post Loss Assessments (the Post-Loss Assessment is not classified as a valuation).
    If you have a burglary or unfortunate loss of loss of your jewellery or watches, Andrée has the knowledge and expertise to provide a Post-Loss Assessment estimate for replacement. The Post- loss Assessment is based upon information given by yourself and any previous documentation or digital images, this assessment you can then present to your insurers.
For more information about this service, please contact us.